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Gillean Brothers Roofing, LLC’s Services

Leak Repair

If you hear a dripping sound every time it rains, call us. A leak can cause expensive water damage that hurts your building’s drywall and foundation. We put a stop to those problems by conducting full-scale, comprehensive leak repairs. Our contractors will plug your roof’s hole with our specialized equipment and materials. 

Roof Restoration

If you’re constantly shelling out money for repairs or inspections, then make the cost-effective choice and choose a roof restoration. Our contractors will make your roof seem brand-new again. We have restored hundreds of commercial and residential roofs across Denton and beyond. 


Storm Damage Repair

There’s no such thing as a roof that can stand up to constant elemental damage. Reach out to Gillean Brothers Roofing, LLC to get your roof back in order after a bad storm. We’ll replace missing shingles or tiles and check for any water damage. Our services keep your roof stable so you can protect yourself from the next storm.

Roof Inspections

It’s impossible to see all the damage your roof has sustained without getting onto the roof yourself. Gillean Brothers Roofing, LLC recommends that all homeowners and business owners hire someone for regular roof inspections. We’re happy to climb onto your roof and report the status of its health. If needed, we can make recommendations that protect your property.


Insurance Claim Assistance

No one likes dealing with their insurance company, especially after a bad storm. Let us assist you with your insurance claim to make the process go smoother for you! We make your roof repair and insurance claims a walk in the park. 

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